Pre-Poured Petri Dishes (Water Agar)

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Water Agar (WA) is a nutrient free medium perfect for cloning wild mushrooms to avoid contamination. Growth on this medium will be wispy and will require you to transfer to a more nutrient rich medium for more vigorous growth; for example, MEA

Our custom pre-poured petri dishes are made to order. They are delivered sterile and ready to use. Please allow one week processing time for your order to ship. 11, 22, 110, and 528 packs are available. Dish size is 100mm x 15mm. Our dishes have little to no condensation and are poured consistently with sediment-free media. The dishes are not individually wrapped, and they are shipped in resealable bags. Pre-cut para-film is sold separately and can be found here.


Sterile dishes may be stored at room temperature indefinitely. Keep out of direct sunlight and avoid extreme temperature changes. Unused dishes may be resealed in the original bag if proper aseptic technique is followed.

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