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    Fungi Farm's mission is to create an environment where people can learn and appreciate the extraordinary symbiotic relationship between fungi and humans. We strive to collect, share, integrate and teach knowledge that enhances all humans' lives by better understanding how we relate
    to nature. We all depend on fungi. Whether mushrooms are your thing or not, like them or simply tolerate them, there's much to gain by learning what they can teach us about life.

    Fungi Farm is a commercial laboratory dedicated to fungi. Fungi Farm hosts workshops, events, and private lessons revolving around the symbiotic relationship between humans and fungi. We are not only about growing mushrooms; we're about training people in the craft of mycology.

    Our goals:

    -To make mushroom cultivation easy for anyone with a desire to do it.

    -To inspire others through high-quality educational material informed by science but presented in an approachable way.

    -To provide products that the beginner as well the expert will find helpful.

    -To help you explore fungi, their unique abilities, and potential use for everyone everywhere!

    Fungi Farm provides high-quality mushroom spawn, cultivation products, and education to growers and foragers. Our founder, Allen Carroll, recognized a need for commercial mushroom laboratories and the potential for mushroom agriculture in Alabama while studying Agronomy at Auburn University, so he began building Fungi Farm during his graduate studies.
    Fungi Farm operates a large warehouse laboratory where we produce spawn and cultivation supplies for gourmet mushroom cultivation. Varieties we grow include shiitake, oyster, lion's mane, chestnut mushrooms, and many others. We also provide consulting, educational workshops, and wild mushroom certification courses.

    We are often asked, "What's the difference between Fungi Farm and other mushroom farms?" There is a big difference. Fungi Farm is the only commercial laboratory in Alabama where you can purchase Petri dishes, spawn, and fruiting blocks - all made on-site in our lab! We also provide education to learn how to forage or grow your own delicious mushrooms at home or on a farm. Fungi Farm is recognized as a leading mushroom company in the Southeast. Our services provide an invaluable resource for those interested in the fantastic world of fungi.

    Fungi Farm is a company made of great people with great vision. The Fungi Farm team is composed of knowledgeable and hardworking individuals with a passion for fungi. Fungi Farm works to build a passionate and disciplined group of high-performing individuals who strive for excellence and take pride in their work. Every person at Fungi Farm brings something unique and special to the team. Our team has more than 25 years of experience, and we're always happy to help you!