Culture Bundles

Culture Bundles

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Fungi Farm culture bundles are a great value for mushroom growers! Fungi Farm genetics have been selected for high productivity. Our pure cultures are available in many different species including oyster mushrooms, shiitakes, king oysters and more. From beginner to professional, these bundles are perfect for any level of cultivation experience. Each of our cultures is carefully maintained by Fungi Farm staff. Many are available for wholesale purchase as well so if you own a farm or shop let us know! We love to offer bulk discounts.

Farm starter pack

Blue Oyster, Lion's Mane, Chestnut, King Oyster, Black King Oyster

Hot weather kit

Pink oyster, golden oyster, Florida oyster

Oyster Suite

Blue, green, pink, golden, Florida, brown, phoenix, tarragon, king, black king

The log cultivator

Shiitake (wide range), brown oyster, phoenix oyster, chicken of the woods, nameko, lion's mane, chestnut

Advanced pack

Shiitake (3790), pioppino, maitake

Hericium pack

Lion's mane, coral tooth, bear's head tooth

Garden pack

King Stropharia, shiitake (wide range), phoenix oyster

5 pack your choice

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