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    What is Parafilm?

    Parafilm is a thin, pliable sheet of material used to seal Petri dishes and other laboratory containers. It is made of a blend of polyethylene and wax. Parafilm has several advantages over other sealing materials, such as tape or plastic wrap. It forms a tight seal that is resistant to moisture and chemicals and easy to apply and remove.

    This listing includes 24 pieces of pre-cut parafilm that are ideal for wrapping Petri dishes. We cut parafilm into 2"x 0.5" strips for your convenience.

    Why Use Parafilm?

    Parafilm is an essential item in any microbiology laboratory. It is used to seal culture plates and tubes, preventing contamination of the cultures by outside organisms while allowing gas exchange. Parafilm is also an effective barrier against evaporation and spillage.

    Parafilm is excellent for:

    -Sealing Petri dishes

    -Wrapping beakers

    -Covering lab equipment

    -Preventing evaporation

    -Protecting samples from contaminants

    How to Use Parafilm

    Parafilm is easy to use. Press the Parafilm onto the surface to be sealed and stretch around the edge of your dish, jar, etc. The heat from your hand will cause the Parafilm to soften and form a tight seal. For best results, ensure the surface is clean and dry before applying Parafilm.


    What are the dimensions of a standard piece of Parafilm?

    We cut parafilm into 2"x 0.5" strips.

    How much Parafilm do I need to seal a standard Petri dish?

    One strip of Parafilm is sufficient to seal a typical 90-100mm Petri dish. For larger containers, you may need to use two strips.

    Do you offer custom sizes?

    No, we do not offer custom sizes at this time. All of our Parafilm is cut into standard 2"x 0.5" strips.

    Is Parafilm sterile?

    No, Parafilm is not sterile. However, it can be sterilized with hydrogen peroxide or irradiation.

    Is Parafilm autoclavable?

    No, Parafilm is not autoclavable.

    What is the shelf life of Parafilm?

    Parafilm has a shelf life of approximately 3 years when stored correctly in a cool, dry place.

    How should I store Parafilm?

    Parafilm should be stored in a cool, dry place. We recommend storing it in a Zip-loc bag or another airtight container.

    Can Parafilm be reused?

    Yes, but this is not recommended as it may decrease the effectiveness of the seal. If you do reuse Parafilm, make sure to clean and dry the surface before reapplying.