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    Discount Grain Spawn

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    Our discount grain spawn is grain spawn that is several weeks old and ready to ship immediately. Sometimes we produce extra spawn, and these bags are discounted because they are not made to order. 

    What is grain spawn?

    Grain spawn is a container of grain with living mycelium that has colonized each kernel of grain. The grains are simply seeds, usually the same seeds used in agriculture. We're not talking about common edible kernels like rice and corn here; we're talking about wheat, rye, millet, milo: the starchy substance that fills up the space inside these seeds is perfect food for mycelium.

    Grain spawn is usually pure white, but sometimes pink, tan, grayish--it varies depending on the type of grain used and how fully it was colonized by the individual mushroom species and variety. Appearance could vary based on many factors.

    When is grain spawn used?

    Grain spawn is essential for growing mushrooms. The purpose of grain spawn is to act as a culture used to inoculate other substrates. This can be done by mixing into the substrate, otherwise known as inoculation.

    • 1st generation (G1) grain spawn can be used to inoculate other grain spawn, also known as G2 or 2nd generation grain spawn.
    • 2nd generation (G2) grain spawn should only be used to inoculate sawdust-based substrate materials.

    Grain spawn will usually colonize any substrate within 7-14 days if used properly.

    How long does grain spawn last?

    Grain spawn should be used as quickly as possible. Storing in refrigerated conditions until use is ideal.

    What's in the stuff?

    We use a blend formulated to increase rapid mycelium growth in your substrate. The formula we use is a proprietary blend of locally produced wheat seeds with a 10% sawdust based supplement that varies slightly for each species of mushroom.

    Why should I buy from Fungi Farm?

    Professional cultivators depend on reliable service to keep their operations running smoothly. We want you to be confident this spawn will produce great results. We at Fungi Farm understand that nothing matters more than quality and we want you to be confident our spawn will produce great results. Our spawn is grown and produced by us, in our own facility, under the highest quality conditions. Every package also comes with insulated shipping!