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    Fungi Farm is a company made of great people with great vision. The Fungi Farm team is composed of knowledgeable and hardworking individuals with a passion for fungi. Fungi Farm works to build a passionate and disciplined team of high performing individuals that strive for excellence and take pride in their work. Every person at Fungi Farm brings something unique and special to the team. We would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of these people and their contributions.

    Allen Carroll

    Owner, Founder

    Allen is a professional mushroom educator, laboratory operator, and the owner of Fungi Farm. He studied crop, soil, and environmental science at Auburn University and served as president of Alabama Mushroom Society.  Allen is dedicated to mushroom research and works to provide high-quality products and services throughout the United States and internationally. He frequently leads educational seminars, workshops, classes, and forays. In addition to directing educational programs, he provides consulting for growers both large and small. He has published several articles on mushroom cultivation and also developed the first mushroom ID expert certification course in the state of Alabama.

    Mathew Fibus

    Sales Manager

    Mathew Fibus has been with Fungi Farm since 2020 and in his current position, he manages the production and sales department. Not only does he oversee many of the relationships between Fungi Farm and its clientele, but also the logistics that go into producing products for these clients.
    Mathew was born and raised in Marietta, GA, and is a graduate of UGA with a degree in biological sciences. Mathew enjoys climbing, hiking, and taking pictures of mushrooms in his free time.

     Nurse Taylor Hayes

     Media Manager

    Taylor is a psychiatric nurse practitioner, nurse educator, and health coach with experience in a wide range of clinical and academic settings. She founded the International Association of Psychedelic Nursing and Hope Network Health which provides holistic psychedelic medicine sessions in a legal, supportive, and educational setting to improve overall wellbeing. In addition to her nursing career, Taylor is an active judo and jiu-jitsu competitor. At Fungi Farm, Taylor helps with product design, social media, and event coordination. For more information about Nurse Taylor Hayes please visit her website.

    Michael Page

    Sales Representative 

    Page, a dedicated mushroom enthusiast, has been immersed in the world of fungi for over three years. In this time, he has earned a certification as a wild mushroom identification expert and is passionate about the multifaceted uses of mushrooms, from culinary delights to medicinal benefits. Hailing from Arkansas, Page was an avid outdoorsman from a young age, enjoying activities such as car racing and dirt biking. His love for nature eventually led him to discover a passion for mushroom foraging. Today, Page proudly owns and operates Page's Place Fresh Mushrooms in LaGrange, GA, where he shares his enthusiasm for fungi with the local community.