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  • 3lb Sterilized Grain Bags

    3lb Sterilized Grain Bags

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    What is a sterilized grain bag used for?

    These sterilized grains can be used to make a grain spawn bag to grow any kind of mushroom. The point of sterilizing grains is to kill all living organisms and provide a clean source of nutrition for mushroom mycelium. Grain spawn bags made from our sterilized grain are guaranteed to give successful results.

    Ready-made sterilized grain bags are a convenient and reliable way to get started with mushroom cultivation. They can be used to grow mushrooms indoors or outdoors, and they make the process of preparing grain spawn much easier. Every sterilized grain bag comes with a self-healing injection port to eliminate the need for a laboratory or cleanroom.


    Each bag comes with its own instructions, but in general, you will need to:

    Thoroughly clean and disinfect the work area

    Inoculate the grain bag with mushroom mycelium through the injection port.

    Provide the bags with proper growing temps (room temp is fine) out of direct sunlight until they are fully colonized and ready to use.


    Why should I use pre-sterilized grains instead of preparing my own?

    Sterilizing is an essential step in the process of growing mushrooms. We ensure that every bag is adequately sterilized to provide the best possible growing conditions for your mushrooms. All bags are incubated and inspected before shipping to ensure no contamination.

    By purchasing pre-sterilized bags, you save time that would otherwise be spent on preparing grains and performing the sterilization process. Whether you are a home grower or own a business, our sterilized grain can help you! Contact us if you would like to purchase bags without injection ports.

    What is included in a purchase of a bag?

    Each bag weighs 3 pounds and contains a proprietary mix of various seed grains, including but not limited to wheat, rye, milo (sorghum), and millet. Every bag comes with a 0.2-micron filter patch for gas exchange and an injection port for inoculation. Injection ports eliminate the need for a cleanroom or flow hood.

    How are these grain bags made?

    The bags are made by filling the bag with hydrated grain. The bag is then heated in an autoclave which kills any bacteria or fungi. Finally, the bags are heat-sealed in a cleanroom.

    What is an autoclave?

    An autoclave is a machine that uses pressurized steam to sterilize objects.

    Why are pre-sterilized grains important for mushroom growers?

    Our bags provide a sterile environment for the mushroom mycelium to grow. With no need to prepare grains, these bags make the process of growing mushrooms much easier and more convenient. Purchasing pre-sterilized grains saves time spent on sterilizing grains yourself. Our sterilized grain is guaranteed to give successful results, making it an excellent choice for any mushroom grower.

    How long are grain bags good for?

    The bags are suitable for up to 2 years if stored in a cool, dry place.

    What is grain spawn?

    Spawn is a mixture of grain and mycelium used to inoculate other substrates such as logs or compost. Spawn can also be used to start your own mushroom culture.

    What types of mushrooms can I grow with sterilized grains?

    The type of mushrooms you can grow will depend on the kind of mushroom mycelium or spores you have. You can find a wide variety of mushroom cultures on our website. If you are unsure what to purchase, our team is happy to help!

    Do I need a clean room or flow hood to use these bags?

    You do not need a cleanroom or flow hood to use these bags. The injection port allows you to inoculate the bag without being in a sterile environment.

    How fast do you ship sterilized grain bags?

    Our grain bags are kept in stock. This product usually ships immediately. You won't need to wait! Feel free to contact us to ensure we have the quantity you need in stock. If not, each order usually ships within a week. Discreet packaging is available upon special request.

    What if my grain bag is contaminated?

    Customer satisfaction is critical to us. We sell a high-quality product created to maximize yield at an affordable price. Other vendors and sellers may also provide a good service, but our sterile grains come with a guarantee. Every bag is incubated for two weeks minimum and inspected before leaving our laboratory facility to ensure sterility. If grains arrive contaminated, we will replace them free of charge. Just contact us, and we will get a new bag right out to you.

    Do you offer bulk ordering options?

    Yes! We offer bulk/wholesale ordering options for most of our products and services. Customers that would like to purchase a wholesale quantity of sterile grain should contact us and set up an account on our site.

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